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Are your floors looking dull, uneven or scratched? Is it an eye sore when guests arrive? Do you have to hide parts of your expensive floors with some old rug, or have you just finished installing a new natural stone floor that needs a polish after all the construction? Renomar specialises in the cleaning and restoration of all natural stone floors. We use the best exclusively imported products that will prolong the life and lustre of your floors for years. All our products are guaranteed to not damage your floors!

Our exclusive product range and services are different to our competition in that instead of using unsuitable products that do not allow natural stone floors to breath, as many of our competitors do, we at Renomar understand that all natural stone types are porous . We know that as long as there is an absorbsion factor, stone will stain and deteriorate over time if unsuitable products are used.

With this superior understanding of our business and products, Renomar only uses the best products for your floors, which will keep them beautiful and dazzling for years! So why take the risk, do it right the first time, why fork out thousands to replace existing poorly maintained natural stone floors? Let Renomar take care of your investment for life!

Natural Stone Products
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